INTRODUCING LiteShelf by VBS Group

LiteShelf is a state of the art product display unit, fully customisable to suit your retail space and products.

A wall-mounted, adjustable shelving solution, Liteshelf is installed with an LED lighting system to highlight and enhance your product features.

Lightweight and slim in design, weighing in at 4kg with a thickness of 5mm, the easily transportable shelving solution holds up to 50kgs.

Practical and cost-efficient to roll out across one store or multiple sites, our functional shelves optimise your merchandising solutions to ensure your products maintain a premium look and feel.


  • Customisable shelving solution

  • Innovative lightweight design

  • Built-in LED lighting system

  • Easy to use with minimal fuss

LiteShelf is currently seen in selected Cinori, Mountford and Willams retail stores Australia-wide.

Enquire today and our expert team will assist you through each step of the journey.